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Personal stories

We would like to have on the website TBFacts some more personal stories of how individuals have been affected by TB. This can be either because you have had TB yourself, or because a friend or relative has had TB. Was what happened to you good or bad? For example, did you find it easy or difficult to get the drugs? Did you manage to complete your course of drugs without any difficulty?

If you would like to tell us about what has happened then please send your story to

You can either use your own name or an invented name. It would be helpful if you could tell us what country the story relates to.


We would also like to have some more photographs on the site again relating to any aspect of TB.

If you send us a photo ( you will still retain ownership (that is copyright) of the photo, and please tell us what name you would like to have on the copyright statement on the photo. Please could you tell us what country the photograph was taken in.

We will read & look at everything we are sent

We will read every story we are sent and look at every photo, but we can't guarantee that everything we are sent will be used on the TBFacts website.


We unfortunately cannot make any payment for either stories or photos that we are sent.

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