Deaths from TB

How many people die from TB?

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Many people die as a result of TB. The mortality from TB, that is the number of deaths, is that TB is the tenth leading cause of death worldwide.  TB is the leading cause from a single infectious agent, ranking above HIV/AIDS.

In 2018 an estimated 1.2 million people who were HIV negative died of TB.

In addition there were an estimated 251,000 deaths resulting from TB disease among people who were HIV positive.

So there were an estimated total of 1,451,000 TB related deaths.

In 2018 an estimated 173,000 HIV negative children died from TB as well as an estimated 32,000 HIV positive children. So it is estimated that in total 205,000 children died from TB.

Most of these deaths could have been prevented with earlier diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

How many adults die from TB

There were an estimated 1,069,000 deaths in HIV negative people and 219,000 deaths from TB in HIV positive people in 2018.

WHO RegionTotalHIV Negative TB Mortality
Male > 14 Years
HIV Negative TB Mortality
Female > 14 Years
HIV Positive TB Mortality
Male > 14 Years
HIV Positive TB Mortality
Female > 14 Years
Eastern Mediterranean67,95038,00028,0001,400550
South-East Asia572,100353,000199,00015,0005,100
Western Pacific83,20052,00025,0005,2001,000
Global Total1,288,000682,000387,000124,00095,000

How many children die from TB?

An estimated 205,000 children died of TB in 2018.

All countries are asked to report their TB figures to the World Health Organisation (WHO). WHO then use these notified figures to help produce estimated total TB statistics for each country, region, globally, by HIV status and by age. The WHO figures for the estimated number of deaths from TB in children in each WHO region for 2018 are given below.

Estimates are shown separately for HIV positive and HIV negative children, given that the cause of TB deaths among HIV positive people is internationally classified as being HIV.

WHO RegionTotalHIV Negative
TB Mortality Male 0-14 Years
HIV Negative
TB Mortality Female 0-14 Years
HIV positive
TB mortality Male 0-14 years
HIV positive
TB Mortality Female 0-14 Years
Eastern Mediterranean12,1706,3005,600140130
South-East Asia87,72046,00040,000920800
Western Pacific
Global Total205,00092,00081,00017,00015,000

TB deaths for "low burden" countries

The lowest rates, that is the countries least affected by TB are found mostly in high income countries. This includes most countries in Western Europe. In these countries the incident rate is less than 10 cases per 100,000 population per year.

Countries with a very low incident rate tend to have different aims with regard to TB, compared to the high incidence countries. For example with TB in the United States of America, the aim is the eradication of TB.

The deaths from TB in other "low burden" countries will be included here by request.

CountryHIV Negative TB MortalityHIV Positive TB MortalityPopulation (millions)
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland3002367
United States of America58077327

TB deaths for “high burden” countries

Of all the countries that report their TB statistics to WHO, there are 22 countries that are referred to as the TB “high burden” countries.  These countries have been prioritized at a global level since 2000. In 2015 it was decided by WHO that the lists would be revised but that there would still be three lists. Each list would contain 30 countries. There is more about this on the TB high burden countries page.

The country with the highest estimated number of deaths is India with an estimated 410,000 deaths in HIV negative adults and 11,000 in HIV positive adults. This does though need to be considered in the context of India's very large population. There is more about TB in India. South Africa has the highest estimated number of HIV positive deaths. There is more about TB in South Africa. There is also more about TB in Pakistan.

The following is the estimated mortality from TB for each of the 30 countries in the main high TB burden list.

CountryHIV Negative TB Mortality HIV Positive TB MortalityPopulation (millions)
Central African Republic4,8003,1005
DPR Korea20,0006826
DR Congo43,00010,00084
Papua New Guinea4,500250
Russian Federation9,2001,300146
Sierra Leone2,6007008
South Africa21,00042,00058
UR Tanzania22,00016,00056
Viet Nam11,0002,20096

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